Marie Peter-Toltz Painter
How To Disappear II (2011-2012) by Marie Peter-ToltzBeautiful Boy (2011-2012) by Marie Peter-ToltzWhere The Trail Of Miracles Ran Cold by Marie Peter-ToltzHow To Disappear by Marie Peter-ToltzSanctuary by Marie Peter-ToltzL'Arlequin by Marie Peter-ToltzLast Year in Basel by Marie Peter-ToltzKissed By The Moon by Marie Peter-ToltzAmong Other Leaves by Marie Peter-ToltzLa Fôret by Marie Peter-ToltzStudy for 'The Trail of Miracles' by Marie Peter-ToltzTell Me, What Have I Lost? by Marie Peter-Toltz'L'Enfant Au Polichinelle' after H.Rousseau by Marie Peter-ToltzTransparent Wings by Marie Peter-ToltzArticle: Sydney Morning Herald by Marie Peter-ToltzJeune Fille à l'épée-w by Marie Peter-ToltzStudy for 'Museum' by Marie Peter-ToltzStudy After H.Rousseau by Marie Peter-ToltzStudy for 'La Foret' by Marie Peter-Toltz